Exceptional Purchase Value

The Crane aims to not only be the most luxurious vacation ownership resort in the Caribbean, but to also deliver maximum value to owners. This means that the primary focus is on keeping designing and construction expenses low through vertically integrated development and operations, in order to pass the cost savings on to owners.

How We Build

The Crane is able to offer extremely competitive prices for luxury vacation real estate because its employees are responsible for virtually all aspects of development. The residences and resort amenities are all designed and built by our own staff, with our own equipment and management. This results in higher quality residences and resort amenities at a lower sales price.

How We Sell

How we sell also adds value to your purchase. We do not give gifts or discounts and we have a no-pressure selling method, spending no wasteful excessive marketing dollars, and giving our best, fixed prices upfront. As a result of this method, our sales and marketing costs are less than 10% of sales compared to 55% for comparable companies. This difference in cost is spent in creating the highest quality product for the lowest price. 

No Extra Costs

When you purchase a residence, whether fractional ownership or full ownership, there is a one-time purchase price including everything from the furnishings to the transaction costs. Our primary focus is on keeping design and construction expenses low through vertically integrated development and operations, in order to pass the cost savings on to owners.

Unique Trust Ownership Structure

The Trust Ownership Structure at The Crane is set up to be simple, adaptable, efficient and most of all, to offer the most protection to the purchaser. A Trust is the most efficient holding and transfer vehicle for property, and Trustee administration provides significant benefits to owners of foreign assets:
1.    Minimizes initial legal fees and future transactional fees
2.    Speeds up the title transfer process
3.    Provides the highest possible protection for the purchaser
4.    Facilitates the movement of foreign currency across all jurisdictions
5.    Simplifies estate planning by enabling easy restructuring of asset ownership

For more information on The Crane’s Trustee, visit First National Trustee Company Limited online at www.fntc.com.

If you purchased real estate on the west coast of Barbados 20 years ago, you would have seen significant returns on your investment by now. Back then, the west coast was just being discovered, and development projects were springing up everywhere and flourishing. However, it is a different story today: the west coast is now an almost saturated market with little potential for significant capital growth.

A “smart” investor would envision how the area would look once the development is complete, then study nearby developments (if any) and ask themselves how the area would be transformed in 10-15 years. The eastern side of Barbados is now being discovered as a prime location for real estate, with The Crane being at the forefront of this emerging market. As a result, prices are significantly lower, and values are much greater than the already-appreciated locations. This will allow investors to see significant appreciation in their properties in the near future.

Contact property@thecrane.com for more information.

Property Sales - Exceptional Purchase Value
Exceptional Purchase Value
Exceptional Purchase Value