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Barbados in 5 Days

Barbados in 5 Days: An Itinerary

15 June, 2016 By
What is there to do in paradise for 5 days? Crane Concierge has put together a packed itinerary to help you get the most of your Barbados vacation:
Getting Married in Barbados

Everything You Need to Know about Getting Married in Barbados.

8 June, 2016 By
Why wouldn’t you want to get married in Barbados? The island’s warm sunshine and cool breezes are the stuff that ‘happily ever afters’ are made of. For those of you who are ready to say ‘I Do’, The Crane's Weddings and Events team has put together Everything You Need to Know about Getting Married in Barbados:
Barbados Food Macaroni Pie

7 Foods from Barbados You Need to Try (and Where to Find Them)

31 May, 2016 By
Known not only for its sun, sea and sand, Barbados is also widely regarded as the ‘Culinary Capital of the Caribbean’. With its rich choice of cuisine, from Zagat rated restaurants to sizzling street food, here are 7 foods from Barbados you need to try (and where to find them):  
Oistins Bdos

Nightlife in Barbados: Live Music, Great Food and More

25 May, 2016 By
There is a reason why Barbadian music superstar Rihanna once sang, ‘Please don’t stop the music’. This is because the party never stops in Barbados. The coral island nation is host to a large number of beach parties, bars and night clubs, each offering unique and memorable experiences. Here is your insider’s guide to the very best of Barbadian nightlife:
The Carriage House

Dine Around The Crane: The Carriage House

19 May, 2016 By
With its spectacular views of cascading waterfalls and the turquoise Atlantic Ocean, it’s difficult to accept that over a century ago, this beautiful stone structure’s sole purpose was once the stabling of horses transporting important guests to the island’s premier lodging – “Crane Beach Hotel.”
Grand Jete

5 Historical Facts about The Crane You (Probably) Didn't Know

11 May, 2016 By
A Barbadian legend since 1887, The Crane has long attracted travellers to its extraordinary expanse of pink sands and turquoise waters. In celebration of such a remarkable and storied history, Crane Concierge presents 5 Historical Facts about The Crane You Probably Didn’t Know.
Ragged Point Light House Barbados

5 Overlooked Places in Barbados to Check Out

5 May, 2016 By
Researching Barbados as your next vacation destination? Then, of course you’ve heard about Harrison’s Cave, Hunte’s Gardens, St. Nicholas Abbey and the many other popular (and highly recommended) Barbados attractions. But what about those attractions that are off-the-beaten path? Crane Concierge has put together a list of the Top 5 Overlooked Places in Barbados to Check Out:
Barbados Green Monkey

Unique Wildlife in Barbados

13 April, 2016 By
Calling all nature lovers! Barbados is home to a wide range of unique and interesting wildlife. During your visit, we are sure you’ll spot a few of these creatures around the island. So, to keep you in the know, Crane Concierge has put together a comprehensive round-up of Barbados’ unique wildlife:
Tips for Traveling with Kids

7 Tips for Travelling With Kids

6 April, 2016 By
Taking a family vacation can be an exciting yet truly daunting experience for parents. However, a little foresight and adequate planning can go a long way in ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the family vacation. To assist with your planning, Crane Concierge has compiled 7 Helpful Tips for Travelling with Kids:
How to Pack Lightly

How to Travel with Just a Carry-on

31 March, 2016 By
Lighten up! You are going on a long overdue vacation. Now is the time you should be shedding extra baggage. If you are ready to travel lightly and save on airline fees, check out The Crane’s complete guide to travelling with just a carry-on:
Barbados Culture

Barbados Traditions & Cultural History

23 March, 2016 By
As Barbados continues its year-long celebrations of its golden anniversary of independence, we at The Crane have been reflecting on our beautiful island’s unique traditions and cultural history. From ‘tuk bands’ and ‘the landship’, to our passionate love for cricket, Barbados’ cultural traditions are an interesting read:
Barbados Beach

7 Interesting Facts about Barbados (You Probably Didn't Know)

16 March, 2016 By
Did you know that on November 30th 2016, Barbados will be celebrating its 50th year of independence? It’s true! Joining in with the year-long reflection and celebration, Crane Concierge has put together a list of 7 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Barbados:
Planning a trip to Barbados

Planning Your Dream Holiday to Barbados

9 March, 2016 By
Barbados is what dreams are made of. Constant sunshine, sandy beaches, and friendly people make this island destination a must-visit for sun-seeking holiday makers. For those wishing to visit this beautiful island, check out The Crane’s Ultimate Guide to Planning a Dream Holiday in Barbados:
Top 10 Things to Do in Barbados

Top 10 Things To Do In Barbados

2 March, 2016 By
In Barbados, our motto is simple – “take time to enjoy the small things in life”.  With this in mind, Crane Concierge (with a little help from our Facebook community) proudly presents our list of the Top 10 Things To Do In Barbados:

Best Times of Year to Travel to Barbados

24 February, 2016 By
With year-round sunshine, friendly people and an endless list of things to do, there is hardly a "bad time" to travel to Barbados. However, there are a few select times of year when Barbados truly comes alive and thousands of visitors converge on the island to be a part of it all. Here are just a few of the best times of year to travel to Barbados:  
Crane Beach Barbados

Barbados: Fun in the Sun For Everyone

17 February, 2016 By
We're sure you have heard the saying "make hay while the sun shines". Well in Barbados, we've come up with our own 'Bajan' version of this wise statement - "have fun while the sun shines". With year-round sunshine and warm weather, fun is a daily occurrence here and we invite you to join us. Here are some of things you can do in Barbados to have fun while the sun shines:
Getting to Barbados

Best Ways to Travel to Barbados

10 February, 2016 By
Barbados is calling and answering that call has been never easier. The island is set to realise a seven percent increase in airlift during this winter season, having successfully negotiated several inaugural flights. Here is our round-up on the best ways to travel to Barbados:
Food in Barbados

A Foodie's Guide to Barbados

3 February, 2016 By
Do you consider yourself a foodie? Are your travel destinations determined solely by the quality and variety of food on offer? Is your vacation itinerary planned around meals and not sights? Well then, you and your discerning taste buds are in luck because The Crane's Concierge has put together a comprehensive Foodie's Guide to Barbados. Check out what's on the menu:
The Crane Barbados

The Crane introduces Zero Mosquito Policy in response to Zika Virus

3 February, 2016 By
The oldest continuously operating hotel in the Caribbean is taking increased steps to protect its guests from the mosquito-borne Zika virus. The Crane Resort in Barbados has boosted its existing vector eradication programmes and is actively engaging its guests and employees in the implementation of a new "zero mosquito policy".
Brilliant Barbados

More Excitement, More Value: Come Celebrate Brilliant Barbados with The Crane!

1 February, 2016 By
Join us as we celebrate Brilliant Barbados on the eve of our 50th anniversary of independence! Enjoy 50% OFF luxurious accommodation at The Crane Resort!
Crane Beach Barbados

The Crane Resort pioneers environmentally sustainable solution to tackle Sargassum seaweed

28 January, 2016 By
Crane Beach has long been recognised as among the top beaches in the world – most recently named by USA Today’s 10Best Readers Choice 2015 as the “Best Beach in the Caribbean”.  However, in recent months this iconic Barbadian landmark has been challenged by invasive Sargassum seaweed that has been affecting beaches in Barbados and the region.
Crane Family

6 Reasons Why The Crane is the Perfect Family Friendly Resort

27 January, 2016 By
Planning a family vacation? There are probably few things harder than choosing a resort that the entire family will love. Younger kids want to play, teenagers want to be entertained and parents? Parents just want to relax. If you are looking for the perfect family friendly  resort, read on to find out why The Crane Resort in Barbados checks all the boxes:
Honeymoon Couple in Barbados

Why Barbados is the Ideal Honeymoon Getaway Location

19 January, 2016 By
There's no place quite like the Caribbean when it comes to romance. But, for a sophisticated sun-seeker's honeymoon, one island stands head and shoulders above the rest. A celebrity haunt and long-time favourite of the royal family, Barbados is not only accessible by all, but its remarkable natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle make it the perfect choice for newlyweds seeking memorably authentic experiences on their Caribbean honeymoon.
The Crane Resort Barbados

10 Reasons Why The Crane is One of the Top Rated Caribbean Beach Resorts

12 January, 2016 By
Set on one of the world's finest beaches, The Crane has always attracted a special kind of person to its extraordinary expanse of sand, spectacular vistas and unspoiled coast. But, beyond the views, here are 10 reasons why The Crane is one of the top rated Caribbean beach resorts:
Family Beach Vacation

5 Tips for Vacationing With Your Kids

6 January, 2016 By
The prospect of vacationing with your kids in tow can be daunting. The combination of airport lines, long-haul flights and tired kids can be off-putting to even the most determined parent. But, adequate planning and a little patience can go a long way towards creating lasting memories of fun family vacations. Here are our 5 tips for vacationing with your kids:
Sand Raw 004 2015 2016

7 Travel Resolutions to Make (and Keep) for 2016

29 December, 2015 By
There's no time quite like the eve of a new year to make resolutions. We all make the customary list: 1.) Join a gym 2.) Lose weight 3.) Work less and 4.)Travel more. Sounds familiar? Well, here at The Crane, we've done you the favour of putting together a manageable (and feasible) list of travel resolutions you should make and keep in 2016:
Crane Mixologist

Dine Around The Crane: Top 5 Best Selling Cocktails

23 December, 2015 By
In Barbados, you'll quickly learn that nothing beats the heat quite like a perfectly chilled tropical cocktail. Except maybe two perfectly chilled tropical cocktails. One in each hand. The talented mixologists of The Crane have been busy creating an all-new Crane Signature cocktail selection for you to try. Here's a taste of the top five best sellers:

chrismas lights

Barbados Like A Local: Christmas Traditions

17 December, 2015 By
For some it might be hard to imagine Christmas without snow or mistletoe. While the wind in Barbados may carry a slight chill this time of year, the sun still shines and the beaches are as warm as ever. As if you needed any more reasons to visit Barbados, Christmas is perhaps one of the best times of year to see the island. Here are our favourite local Christmas traditions:
NYE (2015) Local 01 web1

New Years Eve 2015: One Enchanted Evening at The Crane Resort

10 December, 2015 By
Successfully wrapping the 5-year run of its widely popular new year's eve event - The Village Masquerade - in 2014, The Crane is now switching things up! Gone are the masks and in are open premium bars, interactive food stations and lively entertainment by the island's best.
Gourmet Safari Chefs

Review: Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival's Gourmet Safari at The Crane

3 December, 2015 By
In a word? Bliss. The Crane's installment of the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival's inaugural Gourmet Safari featuring celebrity chef Carla Hall, was an epicurean adventure served with a heady combination of candle-lit ambiance, delicious fusion cuisine and exceptional wine pairings.
East Coast Barbados

Barbados Like A Local: Top 5 Things to Do in Barbados

25 November, 2015 By
Life slows down in Barbados! No one know this better than the island's locals, for whom life is an experience meant to be savoured. Take a cue from their smiles and infectious laughter and try our top 5 things to do in Barbados:
Crane 01 sml

Sun, Sea & Sand: Why a Winter Holiday at The Crane, Barbados is the Perfect Alternative

18 November, 2015 By

Instead of booking that ski vacation that is the usual for so many in the winter months, switch gears this year. Put away the skis and bring out your sunglasses! While vacationing in Barbados doesn’t usually take much convincing, for those who may be skeptical, here are some really great reasons to consider both the island and The Crane:

Cou Cou and Flying Fish

Top 10 Foods You Must Try When in Barbados

11 November, 2015 By

Calling all foodies! Even those of you who do not have a penchant for gastronomy will get excited by the fabulous fare Barbados has to offer. Unlike anything you’ve ever had, and unique to the island, your trip to the Caribbean won’t be complete until you take this taste test we have for you. Here are the top 10 foods you must try when in Barbados:

Elan Trotman sized to LAzure

Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival Serves Up Sizzling New Line-up this November!

4 November, 2015 By
Now in its 6th year, the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival has shaken things up! From November 19th– 22nd, Barbadians and visitors alike will enjoy an all-new roster of events and an exciting line up of local and international chefs.
MG 034

A Perfect Romantic Getaway: Visit the Luxurious Crane Resort in Barbados

12 August, 2015 By
Whether you’re a newlywed who wants to have the perfect honeymoon, or a long-time couple who believe a romantic getaway is in order, The Crane Resort in Barbados will suit your needs. The Crane was the first resort hotel in Barbados, and combines the deep history and culture of the Caribbean island with cutting-edge accommodation and luxuries to impress even the most seasoned vacation veterans.
iStock 000065283229 Small

Benefits of a Beach Vacation: Mental and Physical Rejuvenation

4 August, 2015 By
Crane 33   2

7 Reasons Why a Family Vacation is Worth Every Penny

30 July, 2015 By
Family-friendly holidays have become increasingly popular. From idyllic Barbados family resorts to a range of family packages, it’s even easier now to travel as a family. Here are some of the benefits of taking a vacation together.  

MEMO: Seaweed boom in transit

21 July, 2015 By
The Crane's new seaweed boom has been purchased and is in transit to Barbados to assist in keeping Crane Beach the best in the Caribbean.
The Crane 20

Unique Features of the Crane Resort

20 July, 2015 By
The Crane offers several unique features that make it stand out amongst luxury resorts.
TA Logo

The Crane, Zen Restaurant and D'Onofrio's awarded TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award

16 July, 2015 By
Each year, TripAdvisor awards Certificates of Excellence to companies that receive consistently great reviews from travelers on the world’s largest travel review site. This year, The Crane and it’s on site restaurants Zen and D'Onofrio's are honored to receive "2015 Certificates of Excellence ".
IMG 2006 resized

The Crane Resort launches new Calypso Kids Club

13 July, 2015 By
The Crane Resort in Barbados opened its exciting new ‘Calypso Kids Club’ which will cater to guests aged between four and 12, teaching them about Barbados, its music, food and local wildlife. Children will have the opportunity play various Caribbean musical instruments, such as the drum and shak-shak, and the chance to participate in a ‘Kiddies Kadooment’ dancing parade around the resort.

Fitness Centre Expansion

10 July, 2015 By
In order to continue to meet our guests’ wishes to stay active while on holiday, The Fitness Centre in The Crane Village is currently under renovations and has been relocated to allow for its expansion.
iStock 000063328649 Small

How to Spend Your Honeymoon in Barbados

9 July, 2015 By
With crystalline waters, romantic sunsets and powdery white beaches, a vacation to Barbados makes for an unforgettable honeymoon. Here are 5 things to do on your honeymoon.
crane beach

Why You Need to Vacation at The Crane

29 June, 2015 By

It’s not like you’ll need much convincing (especially upon seeing the photographs)

barbados island

The Best Place to Vacation in Barbados

18 June, 2015 By
Dreaming of hot sand, aqua water, and a coconut in your hand? The best place to vacation in Barbados is calling your name!
iStock 000019699408 Small

Why you Should Visit Barbados in the Summer

10 June, 2015 By
Barbados is always a rich cultural experience, perfect for visiting at any time of the year. However, it may actually benefit you the most to visit during the summer months, as a tropical beach experience is best experienced in beach weather. Not convinced? The following are a few reasons why you might want to  book your stay and travel to Barbados in June and beyond.
barbados island2

The Top Things to do in Barbados

10 June, 2015 By
So you’ve planned your getaway to the lovely island of Barbados. You envision white sand, blue water, and endless days of sun.

Take your Family on a Barbados Vacation

9 June, 2015 By
With the kids out of school and those Friday summer half-days at work, taking a holiday has never come at a better time.

JetBlue Adds New Seasonal Boston-Barbados Route

7 May, 2015 By

JetBlue Airways, the largest US airline to the Caribbean, announced its continued expansion in the region with seasonal weekly service from Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS) to Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI), which will launch November 7.

Introductory fares on sale today starting at $149 from Boston to Barbados one way for travel November 7, 2015 – April 30, 2016.

5 Wanderlust Inspired Quotes

22 April, 2015 By
We all have that part of us that wants to wake up, drive to the airport, and book a flight to the first exotic destination we see. These are 5 of our favorite quotes that inspire that feeling!

Your Beach Day Survival Kit

15 April, 2015 By
A beach bag is a basic essential for any beach getaway. What do you put in it though? So much more than just sunscreen and a good read! We have you covered for your survival kit for a long, sunny day at the beach!

The Grove Beach Bar and Grill Now Open!

14 April, 2015 By
Guest can now enjoy a beautiful day down on the beach, while we take care of light lunches and snacks as well as cool drinks and cocktails.
William Chan Photography at The Crane

Capture your Holiday Moments at The Crane

14 April, 2015 By

Introducing the newest addition to The Crane Village - William Chan Photography  

The Crane Golf Classic 2015

14 April, 2015 By
The annual Crane Golf Classic was held in association with the Barbados Golf Club at the BGC in February. We had a lovely day at the Christ Church course, before returning to The Crane for the awards ceremony and cocktails.

DIY Wedding Favor Trends 2015

10 April, 2015 By
The cost of weddings can really add up, that’s why it’s great to create things yourself when you can! One area of your wedding that calls for lots of fun DIYs is in the wedding favors! Even if you’re having a destination wedding, small favors are easily packed and can really help to cut on costs!

Beach Shuttle for Guests due to Seaweed

19 March, 2015 By
MEMO: Shuttle Service to Copacabana Beach Bar - Due to the highly unusual deposit of Sargussum Seaweed on Crane Beach, a free shuttle service between The Crane and Copacabana Beach Bar will be provided for guests who wish to spend the day at the beach.

Equipment purchased to keep Crane Beach Clean

19 March, 2015 By
The number one beach in the Caribbean will soon be back to its stretches of pink sand and clear waters. Management at The Crane has purchased a seaweed boom and it is expected to be delivered within a few weeks. The boom will work by creating a barrier in the ocean which keeps the seaweed swimming distance from shore. This is a long term solution and once installed will immediately take affect.
iStock 000042661036 Small

Secret Packing Hacks

11 March, 2015 By
iStock 000005888424 Small

5 Must See Barbadian Attractions

11 March, 2015 By
So you’ve booked your trip to Barbados, but you want to escape outside the resort. What does the beautiful island of Barbados have to offer? We’re glad you asked! While it was nearly impossible to narrow down our favourite locations throughout the island, here are 5 MUST SEE Barbadian attractions!
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10 Tips for Flying with Kids

18 February, 2015 By
Twitter 1

10 Tips for Flying with Kids

18 February, 2015 By
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Vote For The Crane Beach!

29 January, 2015 By
Make The Crane Beach the best in the Caribbean!
Crane Beach 3

5 Unique Facts about Barbados

26 January, 2015 By
An old postcard of the Crane Beach

Amazing Throwback Photos of The Crane Beach

26 January, 2015 By
cassava pone 11 505x336

5 Must Try Bajan Recipes

8 January, 2015 By

Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival

13 November, 2014 By
Taste your way through Barbados from November 20th to 23rd during The Food & Wine and Rum festival!
Crane 01 sml

Tips for buying a vacation home

6 November, 2014 By
Imagine the luxury of going on vacation and feeling at home... all at the same time. Learn more about purchasing a residential piece of The Crane.
Romantic Getaway Blog

Key Ingredients to a Romantic Getaway

30 October, 2014 By
A romantic getaway can be just the thing to rekindle the spark in your relationship. De-stress together on the beach and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Your trip could involve a number of different activities in a wide variety of destinations, but there are a few key ingredients that can help foster the romantic atmosphere:

Indoor fun in Barbados

2 October, 2014 By
So you’ve heard that September in Barbados is the rainy season? While that’s not untrue, it also shouldn’t concern you too much. Rain in Barbados is historically sporadic and short-lived, meaning you can still enjoy plenty of time in the sun or poolside.

Getting Around Barbados

18 September, 2014 By
Barbados is a relatively small island that’s fairly easy to get around. Let’s go over some of the ways to easily get around the island.

The National Pastime of Barbados: Cricket

11 September, 2014 By
Cricket is the national sport of Barbados and many opportunities exist on the island to experience the sport. Historically, it is believed that cricket came to the island’s elite in the eighteenth century and since then has evolved into a national pastime.

5 Reasons to Invest in Fractional Ownership

1 September, 2014 By
Have you ever dreamed of a vacation home in the Caribbean? The Crane offers just that with our timeshares. Here are 5 reasons you should invest in fractional ownership.
TRC Logo

The Crane Tops The Registry Collection!

7 August, 2014 By
The Crane is now the highest rated resort in the world by The Registry Collection. The Resort has been awarded the highest Registry Collection Credts in the world for each category of accomodation offered, beating out competition from such international, luxury brands as Four Seasons Residence Club and Fairmont Heritage Place.

Take Advantage of the Facilities at The Crane

3 October, 2013 By
Take Advantage of the Facilities at The Crane Whether your idea of the perfect Barbados vacation is something leisurely where you don’t have to lift a finger or something that includes a schedule full of land and water sports, sightseeing and more, you will want to take advantage of the facilities at The Crane. As a full-service luxury resort, The Crane offers a wide variety of services and amenities to its guests. Chances are the only thing you won’t want to do is leave!

Why You Should Plan Your Next Conference At The Crane

2 September, 2013 By
Conveniently located in Barbados, The Crane is the perfect location for your next business meeting or conference. Only a ten minute drive from the Grantley Adams Airport, attendees will be able to easily get to and from the conference without too much travel time. Although only ten minutes from the airport, The Crane is secluded on the South East coast of Barbados, giving your meeting or conference a comfortable and intimate feel. Guests at the resort are entitled to free international phone calls and free Wi-Fi access, making your business conference even more convenient for everyone involved.
Zen Restaurant

Top 3 reasons to visit The Crane Resort

27 August, 2013 By
Where The Crane Resort meets the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the famous Crane Beach renowned for its pink sand, glass –fronted elevator and service right from your lounge chair. Crane Beach is widely recognized as the best beach in Barbados, and was also named one of the “10 Best Beaches in the World” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and most recently rated No.23 in the “Top 100 beaches in the World” by CNN.
Couple on the balcony overlooking Crane Beach

The Crane Resort: The perfect choice for your Honeymoon in Barbados

22 August, 2013 By
Why Have Your Honeymoon At The Crane? After you tie the knot and are ready to get away, The Crane offers the perfect setting for the perfect honeymoon. Upon arrival, honeymooners will enjoy fresh flowers and a chilled bottle of wine, right in their room. But that’s only the beginning. Enjoy a romantic in-room breakfast each day of your stay and a Catamaran Cruise. In addition to the honeymoon package, there are so many other things for you and your sweetheart to experience when you honeymoon at The Crane.
Crane 01 sml

Guest Post- Luxury Redefined

13 May, 2013 By
Written by Sisi Penaloza Si Si is a seasoned print, radio and broadcast specialist. She is currently the weekly travel and spa reviewer for The Globe and Mail. Her work has also appeared in The National Post, CTV, CBC and ET Canada, E! and SKY. She was the Founding Editorial Director of